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Sturmzeit - Bild vergrößern

Sturmzeit - Bild vergrößern

Sturmzeit is a journey through the world of steampunk. Aeronautica tells stories about their airship adventures, thinking maschines and supersonic trains. Heavy guitars, bombastic brass and a lot of versatility form catchy steam-metal songs. Driving rhythms shape "Sturmzeit" as well as the sounds of a gramophone.

Welcome aboard the Aeronautica!


Sturmzeit comes in a high quality digipack with a 16-page booklet including all the lyrics.

01. Aufwärts
02. Kompassreise 
03. Blitzschlag
04. Maschinengeist
05. Herbst
06. Im ewigen Eis
07. Wolkenbrecher
08. Der Augenzeuge
09. Orient Express
10. Sternenfeuer
11. Pech & Schwefel
12. Unendlichkeit

Length: approx. 50 minutes

Audio samples can be found here:
Sturmzeit preview

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Der Himmel brennt
Der Himmel brennt
Price: 18.00 EUR

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